Disability Care

Artificial Limbs Manufacturing and Rehabilitation Centre

As a momentous milestone the Organization has established an Artificial Limbs manufacturing workshop named “Kritrim Ang Nirman Kendra” at Masani-Delhi Marg, Saraswati Kund, Mathura on 2nd October 1981. The centre is furnished with essential modern machineries and Equipment required for the purpose of manufacturing artificial limbs and appliances. This workshop has the capacity of providing free artificial limbs to the disabled and has the facility of free lodging and boarding in case of night-stay for 30 Handicapped at a time, if required. The manufacturing and preparation of artificial limbs and other appliances is managed by trained handicapped staff. Till now more than 1.66 million have been benefited by this centre. The Organisation have also received many awards including ‘National Award’ from President of India in 2010 for its intervention in disability care.

Availability of Physical Aids and Assistive-Living Devices to the underprivileged in need

Bellow Knee Prosthetic LegThe below-knee prosthesis of KKM has been designed indigenously. The shank is fabricated from high-quality, high-density polyethylene pipes (HDPE). The socket design used, which is open-ended, using HDPE. This customised shank / socket is fitted with the Jaipur Foot.

A functional below-knee prosthesis looks like a normal limb, allowing for the range of movement required for normal human locomotion. The total contact socket provides better sensory feedback to the wearer.

Above Knee Prosthetic Leg

The above-knee prosthesis is also indigenously designed and fabricated from high-quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. The sockets used are of both ischial bearing and ischial containment types.


Calipers are devices that enable people with motor disabilities — like Cerebral Palsy, C.T.E.V including polio-afflicted patients — to walk and thereby remain mobile. While polio has been eradicated from India and as such there are no new polio cases detected, patients with polio continue to throng KKM to get calipers fitted.


Patients who have lost mobility of their lower limbs due to polio or other reasons have to crawl or be carried around. Hand-pedalled tricycles, with the Indian Standard Institute mark, provided by Kalyanam Karoti free of cost enable them to move around independently and with dignity.


Wheelchair given by Kalyanam karoti is mostly for paraplegic patients, bilateral amputees and bilateral polio patients. The wheelchairs are also being fabricated & supplied to patients particularly those suffering from paraplegia.


Kalyanam Karoti provides crutches to needy people with disabilities. The crutches have ISI certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards of Government of India.

hearing aid

Hearing aids are also being provided to patients suffering mainly from profound hearing loss.

Our philosophy

The Kalyanam Karoti, Mathura is an organization with a difference. Built on a sensitive, humane and patient-first social philosophy and value system, the foremost concern of Kalyanam Karoti is that the dignity and self-respect of patients must be maintained or rejuvenated at all costs.

Free assistance

Kalyanam Karoti provides artificial limbs/calipers, physical aids and appliances, and assistance completely “free of cost” because most of its patients live below the poverty line; to ask them to pay would be inhumane and unethical. Rich patients generally give donations.

Help, not charity

While the assistance is given free, Kalyanam Karoti emphasizes that the services are not charity but help to brothers and sisters, so that the self-respect of patients is preserved.


Kalyanam Karoti holds outreach programs and rehabilitation camps to reach out to handicapped people living in remote areas. Besides this, any disabled from any part of India or elsewhere can access the services of Kalyanam Karoti.


Kalyanam Karoti assistance is offered without discrimination on the grounds of gender, caste, creed, religion or geography.


Patients are treated humanely and with respect; personal attention is paid to them.


Patients are empowered by providing them with limbs, assistance, etc., which give them mobility and also restores their economic capabilities.


Kalyanam Karoti arranges camps within the state as well as outside the state. Through these camps, the registration of the disabled of that area is done and the equipment is selected according to their types of disability. There are many districts like Aligarh, Hathras, Etah, Agra, Mathura, Jhansi, Lalitpur etc where camps are organized regularly. Camps are also organized in other states like Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, MP, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, West Bengal etc.

Kalyanam Karoti Provided Free Artificiaal Legs to Disabled
Kalyanam Karoti Provided Free Calipers to Disabled
Wheelchair Provides to Divyanjan
Free Artificial Limbs and Calipers provies to Divyang


Phase-1 : Assessment Camp

  • On the approval, Kalyanam Karoti Mathura initiates the camp activities by finalizing camp’s venue, date, etc.
  • On finalization of the camp’s venue, date, etc. Kalyanam Karoti Mathura carries out IEC (Information, Education & Communication) campaign for the proposed camps-through print media, vehicle publicity, distribution of pamphlets, displaying banners and hoardings at strategic locations.
  • On the date of the assessment camp, the team of technicians and professionals assesses the needs of the potential beneficiaries.
  • Kalyanam Karoti Mathura takes care for the logistics that include tents, sitting arrangement, area for measurement of potential beneficiaries etc.
  • On the day of the assessment camp, the potential beneficiaries have been registered after collecting relevant documents required for the Project, like Identity proof, etc.
  • The Registered beneficiaries are then examined by technicians and other professionals to assess their needs and to prescribe the requisite Assistive Devices, in writing.
  • On completion of the assessment, the beneficiaries are provided with tokens wherein the aids and appliances prescribed to them, and the date of distribution are mentioned.

Phase-2 : Distribution camp

  • Once the aids and assistive devices get ready Kalyanam Karoti Mathura ensures safe and secure ‘fitment’ of the devices to the beneficiaries.
  • The aids and assistive devices are distributed to the beneficiaries as per the tokens issued to them at the assessment camps with a ceremony in the presence of Officers, Delegates and guests.

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