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Kalyanam Karoti

Kalyanam Karoti (National Award winner for the empowerment of PWD by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment) is a highly dedicated & committed social organization devoted to prevent and cure avoidable blindness and serve the disabled. The organization is working since 1981 in the city of Mathura, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. This incredibly unique social organization dedicated to serve the cause of the poor and marginalized communities, is registered as a Non- profit society under section 21 of the Society’s Act of 1860. 
The organization has been working relentlessly for the eradication of preventable blindness, rehabilitation of physically & mentally challenged individuals by providing free Aids, appliances, Polio surgery, teaching, training, treatment & facility of special school, etc. Similar help has also been made available to deaf & dumb, cerebral palsy, autistic children and aged, since its inception.

Old Women at Ward after Cataract Surgery In Shriji Baba Eye Hospital, Mathura

By creating awareness amongst the underprivileged section of community, we bring patients to our base hospital and save them from curable blindness. Kalyanam Karoti giving them a new ray of hope.

Artificial Leg provide to Divyang by Kalyanam Karoti

Reaching out to beneficiaries who belong to the weaker economic section and experienced a limb loss. We provide those individuals with assistance in obtaining appropriate and customised prosthetics and orthotics leg fitting helping them to lead normal lives with dignity.

Deaf and Dumb Children at Class in Sambal Special School

Free education and vocational training is provided to Children With Special Needs (CWSN, Mentally and Physically challenged). They are also provided with free physio and occupational therapy. We are building capacity and developing skills to help them to lead a near-normal life.

Objectives and Actions of Kalyanam Karoti in the fields of Eye Care and Disability for the vulnerable and economically weaker sections -

  • Exploration of easily adoptable methods to reduce the cause of Blindness and extending service and security to the vulnerable and marginalised community.
  • Awakening of Social consciousness for providing social, and psychological assistance to the needy; rehabilitation and treatment of destitute people in all segment of disability.
  • Operation of school, training and wellness centres for Children With Special Needs (CWSN) to empower them with education, vocational training enabling them to live a near-normal life.
  • Operations of hospitals for providing health facilities to the poor sections of society in Eye Care (blindness prevention), hearing & speech impairment and Disability Care. 
  • Enable differently abled and old aged people to contribute in strengthening social, economic and political domains and serve the society as socially active people.
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Kalyanam (कल्याणं) means Welfare and Karoti (करोति) stands for doing and since 1981. Kalyanam Karoti is dedicated to bring the happiness among the underprivileged, marginalised and Divyangjan.

  • A Divyan on Wheelchair provided by Kalyana Karoti

    Artificial Limbs Manufacturing & Rehabilitation Center

    Free, customized Mobility aids are given to individuals who need them, from 1981.

  • Shriji Baba Eye Hospital, Govardhan Road, Mathura

    Shree Jee Baba Netra Chikitsa Sansthan

    Eye care for those who didn't have access to any kind of health facility. Since 1995 more than 174000 people have been operated to restore vision.

  • Kalyanam Karoti Special School for specially Abled Children

    Sambal 'Special School'

    Free education, vocational training, physio care, speech therapy etc. are given to the Children With Special Needs (CWSN) by effective teaching methods. 

  • Netra Sachal Provies Eye Care Services in Near Districs of Mathura

    Sachal Chikitsa Sewa

    A mobile healthcare unit ensures that no one is left behind to get basic health services.

  • Kalyanam Karoti Eye Hospital, Mathura

    Ch. Anguri Devi Daudayal Netra Chikitsa Sansthan and Netra Bank

    With a vision of Blind Free India, Eye bank was established in 2015.