Polio Cure

Kalyanam Karoti Polio Hospital

The organization has been running a special hospital for polio affected children. Regularly 1st week of every month more than 125 Polio Patients get benefit in this hospital through corrective surgery. After surgery Calipers are also provided free of cost to needed person. Beside treatment surgery and medicines organizations also provide lodging and boarding to all the patients with their attendants’. The Organization has completed more than 10,000 corrective surgery of Polio affected children.

Kalyanam Karoti Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Centre

Thee Important and basic objectives of this project of Kalyanam Karoti is to provide physical therapy by the means of Electrical modality and Exercise therapy to the physically disabled children and people. Therapy is given to the children suffering from – - Cerebral Palsy - Hemiplegia - Paraplegia - Polio - Arthritis - Spondalitis - Other Neurological disorders Treatment and Therapy is also given to other people suffering from various Orthopedic problems ,neurological problems and musculoskeletal problems .

Camps for Polio Surgury

Those patients who belongs to backward and remote areas and due to any reason they are unable to reach here. We organize an assessment camp and select the patient for surgery. After that we organize a free Polio Corrective Surgery Camps at deferent places in collaboration with different organization like Beriwala charitable Trust, Kolkata, Rashtriya Punarvas and Prashichhan Kendra NIRTAR, Cuttack etc. and do this work . This type activities done in not only in U.P. but also in other states like Rajasthan, M.P., Punjab, Haryana, Bengal, Uttaranchal etc. Till now more than 6000 children are benefitted through these activities.
The organization has organized up to 88 free Polio Corrective Surgery Camps till 2011 and examined 35,849 polio patients and carried out 11,020 polio Operations. The details of last 03 Years are given below-