Special School

Special School for Specially Abled Children (SAMBAL)

Kalyan Karoti, Mathura has also established a special School for Mentally Retarded Children, Providing teaching, training, treatment and rehabilitation to mentally and Physically challenged children. These special children are getting Education, training, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, Speech therapy and regular health check ups. Besides these students are geting vocational training like – candle making, Agarbatti / Dhoopbatti making, different type of cards making, sewing and cutting of dresses, toy making, Guldasta making. Purpose of these training are to do minimize the dependency to others.
We develop the I.Q. of the M.R. Children through cultural programs, Music therapy and Dance therapy, Play therapy. All the above activities are done in the supervision of well qualified trained & experienced technical Staff. The philosophy of the organization is to entrust brotherhood in the community and draw committed professionals to help alleviate the sufferings in the society.

Objectives of this Scheme

• Controlling / Decreasing / Diminishing disabilities.
• Preventing / Curing development disabilities.
• Screening and diagnosing children at risk.
• Mainstreaming of children to the normal development.
• Providing proper guidance and counseling to offered families.
• Creating awareness for parents and community.
• To enhance learning at an early stage.
• To know current potential level of child..
• To provide barrier free environment and other rehabilitation facilities.
• Assessment Camps.
• Designing IEP (Individualized Educational Program).
• Facilitate financial and emotional support the affected families.
• To develop special equipments TLM (Teaching Learning Material) and other tools.
• To provide home base early intervention facilities in rural and remote areas.
• To provide early intervention care to segregate and isolated Children.
• Medical facilities (Surgery, Treatment, health check-up, immunization).
• Developing pre-school and daily living school.
• To provide healthy, hygienic and least restrictive environment.

Activities Under the Scheme

• Awareness among parents of people with disabilities, their family members & related Govt. Officials/Teachers.
• Assessment & evaluation of children with disabilities.
• Motivation & counseling of parents & families.
• Mainstreaming of children to the normal development.
• Training for daily living activities.
• Pre-school skills – (Pre-reading etc.)
• Therapeutic services which include physiotherapy / occupational therapy / speech therapy/ yoga therapy / psychotherapy & psychiatric intervention.
• Audio logical assessment & suitable referral.
• Music drama / Play therapy/ Pre-vocational training.
• Facilitation in getting admission into special school and inclusive school.
• Respite care services (for parents)
• Social & family integration.