Ch. Angoori Devi Dau Dayal Netra Chikitsalaya & Eye Bank
Saraswati Kund, Mathura

The Ch. Angoori Devi Dau Dayal Netra Chikitsalaya & Eye Bank (CAD CEB) operated by Kalyanam Karoti, Mathura is the initiative of sight restoring corneas in India and futuristic Sight Life Center of Excellence in Eye Banking. Since its establishment in 2013, CAD CEB working to increase the collection of transplantable donor corneas and trying to elevate eye banking performance standards in India. CAD CEB working to be a leader in eye banking across India, Kalyanam Karoti trying to create effective networking for CAD CEB through promotion of community eye banking programs.

CAD CEB's staff makes use of equipment and infrastructure and continuous improvement through training to execute all aspects of community eye banking including:

Recovery, evaluation and preservation of donor tissues
Distribution of tissues for corneal transplantation.
Public awareness programs.

From our modest beginnings with seminal support from the Kalyanam Karoti family and as an Eye Bank Association of India affiliate we are trying to grow into an independently functioning eye bank and resource center. Kalyanam Karoti provided the gift of sight to thousands of people and continue to make strides in our ability to provide corneas to needy recipients each year.

Recovery, Evaluation And Preservation Of Donor Tissues

In order to accomplish the goal of bridging the gap between the demand and the supply of quality donor tissues, the Ch. Angoori Devi Dau Dayal Netra Chikitsalaya & Eye Bank initiated the Ch. Angoori Devi Dau Dayal Eye Hospital in 2014.
CAD CEB planning to procures corneas from a variety of sources, with a focus on active procurement from hospitals. Our first target is to collect 100 corneas in 2015-16. Of which. The CAD CEB creating a waiting list of patients who are in need of a healthy corneal tissue.
Procured corneas will be evaluated based on various parameters and will be suitably graded. ‘Excellent' to ‘good' grade cornea then used for corneal transplants while lower grades will be used for therapeutic transplants which are performed to stem the spread of infection on the surface of the eye. The corneas will also screened for the HIV antibody, HBS antigen and VRDL (Syphilis).
The corneas will be preserved in MK medium, to meet their surgical, therapeutic and research needs.

Distribution Of Tissues For Corneal Transplantation

We also planned for the donor corneas locally procured by the CAD CEB will not only utilized by surgeons within the Ch. Angoori Devi Dau Dayal Netra Chikitsalaya & Eye Bank, but will also be made available to numerous corneal surgeons in the nearby areas or across the country.
This year CAD CEB trying to achieve its first goal of about 50-100 optical grade corneas.

Public Awareness Programs

The CAD CEB conducting continuously eye donation awareness program aimed at increasing awareness of eye donation and corneal blindness. During this, special events are also conducting at the CAD CEB and in several public locations around the city of Mathura.
Pamphlets are distributed at several public locations. The eye bank also distributes posters for public display, holds seminars and lectures for different groups, and distributes public awareness literature.


Nearly 2.5 million Indians are afflicted with Corneal Blindness and a significant number of them, at a very young age. Patients with corneal blindness can be visually rehabilitated only through the replacement of their own damaged or disease affected corneas with healthy corneal tissues obtained from voluntary donors. The shortage of corneas is so acute that a majority of the patients requiring corneal transplantation are not fortunate enough to undergo the procedure within a reasonable period.
Eye donation can be done by all people regardless of age, gender or race. Even spectacle wearers and people suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension can donate their eyes. You can give the gift of sight by pledging your eyes at the Eye Bank - however the consent of the next of kin is essential for making an eye donation.

Pledge Your Eyes

You can make an online pledge of your eyes by filling up the Uniform Donor Pledge, or by mailing the form to Kalyanam Karoti
Ch. Angoori Devi Dau Dayal Netra Chikitsalaya & Eye Bank
Kalyan Dham,
Masani Delhi Link Road
Mathura (U.P)-281003
Phone: 9897203030, 9760203030