The sanskrit phrase "Kalyanam Karoti" stands for bringing prosperity. Kalyanam Karoti is a charitable organization focused on improving the quality of life for the disabled and marginalized community in India through affordable and accessible treatment, education, surgery and rehabilitation. Kalyanam Karoti is headquartered in the Mathura district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and serves the adjoining areas of Aligarh, Hathras, Agra, Bharatpur, Jhansi, Ettah, Mainpuri and many others. Over the years, Kalyanam Karoti has actively worked across 10 states of India.
Kalyanam Karoti was established in 1981 as a charitable society under the Society Registration Act and is also registered under FCRA enabling it to accept global and domestic donations.
For its ground-breaking work, Kalyanam Karoti has been Awarded several prestigious regional and national awards and accolades over the last 30 years including Rajiv Gandhi State Award, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Memorial Award, Utkrishta Sewa Samman and Brij Vibhuti Samman. In 2010, the President of India awarded Kalyanam Karoti with the National Award for supporting the disabled.


(A) Name and Address of the Institution KALYANAM KAROTI
Kalyan Dham, Saraswati Kund, Masani-Delhi Marg, Mathura-281003
Mob. 9897203030, 9760203030
(B) The donee institution established since- 2 Oct. 1981, Gandhi Jayanti day in International year of the disabled
(C) Nature of organization- Social Activities.
(D) Particulars of registration of the institution
Under Societies Registration Act, Public
Trust Registration Act etc. Registration No.-
Registration No. 892/2000-2001

Objectives of the Organization

1. To operate hospitals with a view to provide treatment for the poorest of the poor in the society.
2. To work with full dedication for the service of Disabled and eradication of blindness in particular and to give service to the society in general.
3. To research and develop aids and appliances best suited to the nature of disability deformities and environment.
4. To encourage research for providing benefits of the latest medical facilities to the handicapped and organize seminars of medical experts.
5. To envolve measures and make all possible efforts for protection of the people suffering from blindness and physical disability.
6. To establish, run hospitals, service homes for handicapped and work for preservation and maintenance of existing institutions.
7. To organize training and welfare centers, where handicapped children may get congenial environment for proper development and honorable living.
8. To make arrangements for rehabilitation of handicapped to help them to be self reliant and socially useful organ of the society and to instill the feeling of self confidence in them.
9. To provide necessary training of living to handicapped and to establish workshop for essential equipments for them. To provide patronage of workshops already running, to make available useful equipments at minimum possible cost.
10. To implement program, which may prevent and eradicate blindness.
11. To run special program for prevention and control of polio.
12. To provide economic assistance to the handicapped and adopt remedial measures for removal of their grievances/ difficulties.
12. To provide economic assistance to the handicapped and adopt remedial measures for removal of their grievances/ difficulties.
13. To organize handicapped Service Camps /Eye Relief Camps for eradication of disability and blindness.
14. To train and encourage devoted and duty conscious work force.
15. To honor and provide prizes to the handicapped in recognition of their special achievements.
16. To make sincere Endeavour for creating awareness and feeling of sympathy, co-operation and help amongst the general public for handicapped by organizing seminars and publicity through print & Electronic media.
17. To Organize special Campaigns at national and International level for collection of funds for the handicapped.
18. To adopt such measures which will help physically handicapped and blind persons to lead a normal life along with main stream of the society.